About us:

RolAirMota is a registered trade name for the long stroke linear actuator used in the Rol-Trac range of door automation systems. Based in the UK, Rol-Trac (Automatic Doors) Ltd have been using "two rollers & a piece of tube" to move sliding doors up to 50 Tonnes, in the worlds most difficult environments, for over 30 years.

 In 2011 we are bringing the product to market as a prime mover in its own right. At last you can discover for yourself the many benefits (and maybe a few disadvantages) of this remarkable device.

Help and advice is available, by email or telephone, to ensure your experiments are successful. Continuing assistance with more complicated systems can be called on if necessary.

Interesting but useless fact.
The RolAirMota is based upon the 'oldest linear propulsion system' in the universe,….  to find out more just enter "Peristaltic or Peristalsis" into your search engine, but preferably not just before dinner.