A revolution in long stroke linear actuators.
Look what it can do for you:
Move any load without chains, racks, sprockets, belts, gears or cylinders.
Work at any angle even vertically.
Unlimited motive power.
Rodless cylinder. Simple to understand.
No special alignment, flexible mountings.
Long stroke linear actuator, up to 30 metres stroke as standard.
Economical operation.
Operates in most aggressive environments.
Controllable. Can operate at high speed.
How does it work?
Like most great ideas, the principle is very simple.
Below is a basic kit of parts using a hand operated valve.
We can offer a standard range of control systems, trackways and compressors. We can also provide design assistance for something special.
1000's of Applications include:
Manufacturing processes.
Entertainment & Theatrical.
Automation systems.
Bulk storage systems.
Automatic gates & doors.
Security Equipment.
The special flexible Drive Tube is pinched by two rollers. Compressed air is fed in at one end. The air expands the Drive Tube causing the rollers to turn, propelling the RolAirMota along. To reverse the direction the air is simply fed into the opposite end. Movement can be at any angle even vertical.
See how Rol-Trac (Automatic Doors) Ltd have used the RolAirMota.